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From the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, this natural processed coffee ferments for 14 days, to break down sugars into the seed, and then is sun-dried on raised beds. Café Kreyol works directly with a cooperative of families in this region, each owning their own estate.

This direct trade relationship has brought sustainable employment to many farmers in the area, and as a result, their children have had consistent opportunities to attend school. This direct trade relationship has brought stable economical benefits to the region by reducing the volatility of the market.

Coffee of Brazil Yellow Catuai Can Be Found In These Products:

Featured Farmer

Haroldo Veloso

Haroldo’s family, who owns the Sao Lourenco Estate, has been on the business for 2 generations now. They have different cultures and livestock as well because their motto for success is “diversification is key”, but coffee is the main cultivation for the family. The farm has its own mill and machinery, and the containers are loaded at the farm and ship directly to the port. This allows for an extremely controlled and even processing, creating complete uniformity in every cup of Haroldo’s coffee.


Brazil Yellow Catuai





Average Size of Farm

5,000 Hectares


1100m ASL


Red/Yellow Catuai


Natural Processed

Harvest Months

July - Oct

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