Donate A Coffee Tree in Haiti

The Own-A-Tree Project offers you the opportunity to purchase a coffee tree for a farmer in Haiti–for the average price of a cup of coffee per tree.

After your purchase, the trees will be planted from an organic coffee seed at our high elevation nursery, grown and cared for until it is ready to produce coffee fruit, and then given at cost to a farmer in need.

Each Arabica Blue Mountain tree will produce about 3 times as much coffee fruit as the variety the farmers previously used and each plant takes only 4-5 years to start producing enough to be profitable. Keep in mind that when you purchase a tree for the Own-A-Tree Project, you’re creating a sustainable solution that could last generations.

Need for Shelters and Medicine

Our translator and close friend, Renald Toussaint, a Haitian living in Port au Prince is willing to transport pharmaceuticals to several clinics we are in contact with, and tarps to two or three communities. These tarps are going to be used to create makeshift tents until more long term solutions can be executed. This is an urgent need.

One of the organizations that Renald will be bringing pharmaceuticals to Educare Haiti. They are a non-profit that is Haitian owned, operated by locals, and has been traveling during this recent situation from town to town providing medical care. There are two Americans with this group right now, including our friend and colleague Justin Dena. The rest are Haitian doctors and nurses. Giving to Renald’s mission will also contribute to Educare Haiti as they are receiving medicine from him. You can also read about, or give directly to Educare Haiti on their website.

Need for Local Food

Lastly, besides the need for medical care and for shelters, there is a need for immediate food. Communitere is a disaster response NGO that supports local organizations to provide aid in dire situations. Communitere was in Greece responding to wildfires when the earthquake took place, and immediately flew into Haiti with dozens of backpacking stoves. They are purchasing food locally, and making hundreds of meals a day, which helps to aid and heal the local market during the aid response. You can give to Haiti Communitere by going directly to their website.

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