Oscar Edgardo Tinoco is the owner of “Pino de Oro”, located in the buffer zone of the Santa Bárbara Mountain Nature Reserve, at 1640 m.a.s.l. It is one of the most diverse ecosystems since it is made up of cloud forests, tropical jungles and pine forests. Additionally, the population is originally from the Lenca ethnic group, which is why they have inherited many of their practices and customs. Oscar Edgardo’s history in the cultivation of coffee began as a teenager when he became involved with his father in the knowledge and management of the farm. Later as an adult, when making the decision to expand his farmland and also decide to participate in the contest. In 2010 he achieved third place in the competition and this motivated him to work with more dedication, since he managed to pay his work debts and was also recognized for the quality of his coffee. Oscar Edgardo defines himself as a man with Christian principles. So his Faith led him to make a deal with Jesus Christ and promised to donate part of his earnings to the Church. In 2011, when he won first place, he honored his promise and extended it to allocate 10% of his profits to his congregation as a social outreach. In the year 2023 he decides to participate again and gets first place again.

The secret to his success, besides the optimal geographical location of his farm and environmental conditions, is that Oscar maintains good planting, harvesting, and milling practices as well as the time he dedicates to training his pickers during harvest to select optimal quality of the coffee cherries.

Coffee of Pino de Oro Can Be Found In These Products:


Pino de Oro




1640 m ASL





Harvest Months

October to February

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