Pacas Estate - El Salvador Microlot Medium Roast


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We have been working on new process methods and fermentations, in collaboration with the Pacas Estate, to bring you some of the best coffee El Salvador has to offer.

The great grandfather of Maria Pacas, the owner of this female owned estate, was the first in the world to cultivate the Pacas Varietal of Arabica, and it was eventually named after their family.

We serve whole bean coffee for maximum quality and freshness.

Tasting Notes

Smooth and creamy bodied perfectly balanced with robust nuttiness.

Social Responsabily

Creates sustainable employment for farming families in , farmers are paid above fair trade standards for their exceptional crop


The Pacas Family has been producing coffee for five generations, and selling it domestically in El Salvador. Thirty years ago they decided to process and export their coffees for the first time. Ever since, they have worked towards achieving high-quality coffees, caring for the environment and the communities around the farms and mill. One of the Pacas Estate farms is Finca La Esperanza. It is located on the western side of El Salvador and in its fertile soil, the Pacas Family produces 8 different varietals of coffee. This farm is 87 hectares and provides jobs for more than 100 people.


We believe farmers should get paid based on the quality of their product and we practice this belief by paying up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires.

This Direct Trade system, that is now the backbone of Cafe Kreyol, believes that quality and sustainability are parallel.

Our story continues as we work to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, one cup at a time.

Joseph Stazzone


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