Finca Calani – 6th Place Bolivia National Tournament – Competition Series Light Roast



6th Place Winner of the Cafe Presidencial Bolivia National Tournament (88.23 points)

This Black Honey processed Red Caturra is part of Cafe Kreyol’s Competition Series, and we brought it home to you for it’s exceptional balance and value. Grown by the Finca Calani in San Jose, Bolivia, this unique nanolot is extremely limited, with only 190 lbs produced for the entire year.

Enjoy a sweet and brilliant cup, balanced with a complementing mixture of bright lime and raspberry acidity.

We serve whole bean coffee for maximum quality and freshness.


A bright burst of complementing lime and juicy raspberry that lingers on the tongue


6th Place Winner of the Cafe Presidencial Bolivia National Tournament (88.23 points)

Social Responsibility

Creates sustainable employment for farming families in , farmers are paid above fair trade standards for their exceptional crop


Juan Calani Vargas and his family migrated from Potosi in the Chayanta province to the San Jose community in 1988. They found better opportunities in agriculture, mainly in the cultivation of vegetables. Marcelina and her husband Juan are a family with five children and are all excellent coffee producers.

After winning the 2021 Presidential Cup Tournament, they opened a large market for their coffee. Professionals from all over the world, including Colombia, France, and Italy, came to learn about their work. In this way Juan and his family expanded their farms from 0.5 Ha to 2.0 Ha, with the help of Juan’s sons Dorian and Antonio.

Finca Calani would go on to place in many tournaments including, The First Departmental Tournament “The Best Kochalo Coffee”, the IPD-SA National Cochabamba Regional Coffee Program, and now the Bolivia National Tournament.


We believe farmers should get paid based on the quality of their product and we practice this belief by paying up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires.

This Direct Trade system, that is now the backbone of Cafe Kreyol, believes that quality and sustainability are parallel.

Our story continues as we work to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, one cup at a time.

Joseph Stazzone


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