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A large indigenous community of 35 families, this group was looking for a solution to the coca plant taking all of the nutrients out of their soil, and rendering it more and more impossible to grow other crops. Slowly, they have transitioned from growing coca to grow coffee. The land had harder clay soil from growing so much coca, yet in the past 5 years, they have already seen a significant amount of regeneration. We continue to see the same progress, and believe it will be even better as time goes on.

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Juanito Torres and his wife Maura Peña  

Mulihuari is a very developed indigenous community in Bolivia that has soccer teams, schools, and other community programs and events. Coffee is now the main source of income for this community as it gives them capital to do many of their other ventures and meet other needs. When they were growing coca, the farmers indicated that they were paid faster, and paid higher than with coffee, even after Cafe Kreyol offers high transparent pricing per pound. However, they said their main motivation to grow coffee and not coca, is to not devastate the land as much, as coca has a tendency to suck all nutrients out of the soil. This people group speaks Quechua, and lives on the border of the Amazon. Their desire is to live and grow crops in a way that protects their surrounding land and environment.










1650m ASL

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